About Us

Greyson’s Toy Shelf (GTS) is a toy lending program for families with children aged zero to seven years. We aim to help parents offer their children an ever-changing collection of the best quality toys at an affordable price. All of our wooden toys are open ended, eco friendly, and have been ethically manufactured in Europe or North America.

GTS was inspired when we started lending our son Greyson’s out-of-use toys to friends. Since we practice toy rotation in the playroom, we have a constant stockpile of beautiful toys stored away in the closet. These well-crafted and educational toys, such as the Grimm’s rainbow and wooden animals, definitely deserve more playtime, so why not lend them to other children in the community? My husband and I have curated a delightful range of wooden toys to stimulate learning and creativity. We are pleased to open up our collection to share with other families, who can now enjoy hours of imaginative play with their children.